Cosmetic Chemistry

Julie Carey
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The Chemical maize by Bill Stratham
This book is pocket sized so that you can take it to the shops with you. It has a list of most of the cosmetic ingredients and their definition. It also has food additives and list the numbers that are shown on the packages.


Beauty to Die For by Judi Vance.

I found this book had lots of useful information that enabled me to cross reference and validate with other books and the internet.


Drop Dead Gorgeous By Kim Erickson

The book guides you on how to read and interpret misleading product labels.

Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me. by Paula Begoun.

This book has a  comprehensive list of well know cosmetic and their ingredients.

There are hundreds of book with information on  the toxins in our modern world, from cosmetic ingredients, food additives, chemicals in our water and toxins released from our furniture. I have listed a few that may be interesting.

A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients: Complete Information About the Harmful and Desirable Ingredients Found in Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals.   by Ruth Winter

Unreasonable risk.        by Samuel S Epstan

Dying to Look Good        by Christine Hoza Farlow

Not Just A Pretty Face. The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry.    by Stacy Malkan

Skin Care & Cosmetics Ingredients Dictionary,    by Natalia Michalun      Varinia Michalun


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